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Nume persoana contact Mureșan Mihaela
Email persoana de contact
Din 01/01/1970
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Tip job Norma intreaga
Durata (*5) Nedeterminata
Categorie IT, Internet, e-Commerce
Din care: Vacante ca urmare a incetarii raporturilor de munca (0 daca nu exista) 1
Din care: Nou create (0 daca nu exista) 1
Cod COR (6 caractere)(*2) 334303
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Oferta valabila si pt. Cetatenii Uniunii Europene Da
Alte conditii (*4) Cunostinte de limba engleza.
Durata muncii (*6) N/8ore/zi
Salariul de încadare (*7) 3000
Alte avantaje (*8) Bonuri de masa
Modul de solutionare a ofertei (*9) CV
Observatii (*10) N - nu a mai fost comunicat la AJOFM
Postat 10/28/2021
Educatie maxima
Experienta maxima
Stare loc de muncă
Data publicarii 10/28/2021
Nr. job-uri 2
Data expirarii 05/31/2023
[Oradea,Romania ]

You’re the type of person who thrives on taking care of things the right way the first time. A task comes in and you figure out how to get it done without having to ask a lot of questions. When you say “I’ll take care of it” we know it’ll be done well. You get excited when you know you’ve made someone else’s day easier. Both your spoken and written English are impeccable. You’re very organized and dedicated to doing a great job.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Communication

    • Filter through all incoming mails and answer calls as soon as they come in

    • Provide appropriate responses via all mediums without the need for feedback

    • Manage social media accounts

    • Communicate the CEO’s or any of the managers messages to internal and external stakeholders

    • Take notes during meetings and transcribe pictures of notes to text

    • Book restaurant seats, hotel rooms, flights, and so on

  • Scheduling

    • Schedule events on the calendar and provide updated contact information

    • Resolve any conflicts between events and reschedule events when appropriate

    • Remind the CEO or any of the managers and their interlocutors of upcoming meetings

  • Operations

    • Create and improve systems and processes as per the CEO’s indications

    • Gather feedback from all team members on how to improve processes

  • Administrative

    • Manage relationships with utility providers, such as rent, internet, furniture, etc.

    • Organize internal and external events, including trips and birthday parties

    • Perform miscellaneous research, both online and offline

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